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Victor Volt, Anita Knight, and Professor Professor were walking down a hall that lead them to their rooms after another frightning mission consulting the Imposters. "When will those Imposters ever stop with taking over the world, don't they sleep like the rest of us?" Victor Moaned as they walked into the hallway.

"I know what you mean, if that last imposter freezed the lake I fell into, I would have been frozen solid!" Anita complained. Awkwardely the Professor Professor wasn't saying anything, which bothered both Anita and Victor, but they thought that he was just too tired to even care about putting his two cents in.

"At least it's not as bad as dealing with Doctor Doctor, she's very hard to deal with, especially with all of those crazy inventions that she makes."

Anita agreed with Victor, and then tought up an idea. "Professor Professor, you went to the Chronically Gifted with Doctor Doctor didn't you?" Professor Professor immediatly snapped out of day dreaming and answered.

"Of course, but why would you ask a question you already know Anita?" Professor Professor questioned, wondering what Anitas' motive was.

"Well you must've gotten to know her during the years that you went to school together, didn't you?" Anita asked.  Victor turned his head toward the Professor Professor with renewed interest. Professor Professor began to get nervous, and started to stutter.

"W-Where are you getting at Anita?" Professor Professor asked, knowing that Anitas' motive in mind couldn't be good. Victor decided to enter the conversation.

"Well don't you know anything that can help us defeat her?" Victor asked, now questioning the Professors' stuttering.  U.Z.Z. has questioned Professor Professors relationship with the villain, but couldn't get anything out of him.  The only response was 'I used to be her classmate, that's it, nothing more.'

Professor Professor hesitated for a moment, he's had quite a history at the Chronically Gifted and with Doctor Doctor. Victor thought that the Professor really WAS hiding something, something just too good to pass up.

"Professor Professor, are you ok?" Anita asked as she began to poke him with his pointy stick (that he dropped earlier). Professor Professor snatched his beloved pointy stick back, and began to walk towards his room.

"I will talk to you both tomorrow, my brain is going to turn into mush if I don't start counting sheep." Professor Professor yawned and opened the door to his room.  He looked behind his back nervousely, only to see Victor and Anita staring at him, suspecting looks on their faces.  He panicked and quickly entered his room, slamming his door shut.

"What was that all about Anita?" Victor asked, his naive nature questioning Professor Professors' weird behavior. Anita couldn't help but sigh.

"I think the Professor is hiding something...but I guess there isn't anything else we CAN do, at least, not until tomorrow. I'll ask booger bottom about it tomorrow." Anita hopped on her purple skybike, Victor doing the same thing with his green one.

"Alright then, goodnight Anita." Victor looked at Anita, and then started up his skybike. Anita wished Victor goodnight aswell, and they both flew off to their homes for a good nights sleep.
Meanwhile, Professor Professor hopped onto his bigger than average bed, and took off his glasses, setting them ontop of the table next to him.  He ran the conversation through his head again, and began to inwardly panic.

'Ohhh what am I going to tell them? If I tell them anything and Doctor Doctor finds out, she will kill me!' With that lovely thought in mind Professor Professor began to drift off into a tiresome sleep.
Edited from my older DA account. I had fun rewriting this, and I'm glad that it turned out the way it did. It looks a bit better, though I still need to work on detail. Hope you enjoy. :hug:

Next Chapter: [link]
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